It’s never been more important to think creatively and apply technology for good. Today’s health, safety and privacy conscious environment has created many new obstacles but is also accelerating digital transformation. When it comes to government challenges like situational awareness and forensic investigations, with the massive increase in cameras capturing images in today’s environment, it’s virtually impossible for humans to see everything. This is driving Public and federal agencies to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) surveillance solutions that can provide:

  • secure environments to protect our national interest against our adversaries;
  • a safe environment to conduct commerce, return back to school (education), and safe social well-being;
  • safe transportation, import/export of goods and services as well as worker safety.

The purpose of this virtual training session is to teach attendees how to combine different technologies such as AI, Machine Learning (ML), and video analytics to support the above capabilities. In this workshop, the attendees will learn how to:

  • architect an AI video surveillance system
  • configure video management systems to process video streams and generate metadata,
  • label datasets, train, and test custom computer vision models (FR-CNN, Detectron, etc.),
  • upload custom ML models into video analytics engines and configure video processing parameters to best detect/identify objects of interest,
  • configure behavioral analytics (tripwires, heat maps, etc.) to monitor areas, send alerts and/or search for objects/events of interest.

This training event is structured, through a series of hands-on labs described in the agenda to demonstrate how these technologies can be combined to develop AI video surveillance solutions that can extend an organizations detection and identification capabilities with adding minimal human resources to maintain the system.  It is our goal that people with the right knowledge and who are involved in the decision-making process will benefit from these labs to enable them to apply these IBM technologies to solve real problems.

Agenda - US Eastern Time

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