What’s a Masterclass?
A masterclass is a learning and education class given to participants by an expert in a certain discipline - usually music, but also painting, drama, marketing, technology or on any other occasion where skills are being developed.

Why it is important to learn about Cyber Resilience?
In this post-covid era, building adaptive and innovative operations that are resilient against economic and competitive threats is the objective of most businesses. The ability to anticipate, withstand, recover and adapt to adverse conditions, stresses and attacks are key success factors and important competitive advantages for companies.

Why attend a Masterclass on Cyber Resiliency?
This free to attend online Masterclass will delve deep into the main factors that can affect your IT security, and share with you the tools to build a strong resiliency foundation for your most critical infrastructure. Attending this masterclass will give you insights on how to:

  • Identify the most common cyber risks and anomalies
  • Protect data and applications throughout your IT infrastructure
  • Detect incidents and threats before they cascade
  • Respond to threats through automated methods
  • Recover your business without impacting your customers

Besides learning about Cyber resiliency for IT infrastructure, this masterclass will be conducted in a very compelling way with engaging poll questions, a main lecture, a design thinking exercise, and much more!